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Goddess Empowerment Kit Monthly Subscription

Learn to embody the life of a goddess with your magical Goddess Box. Working with your Goddess daily brings her energy closer to you and will allow you to channel the Goddess energy through you. Live, think, and speak like the Goddess you were created to be. EACH MONTH YOU WILL RECEIVE A NEW BEAUTIFUL GODDESS BOX AND INSIDE IT ENTAILS: A new Goddess Card with a personalized message, mantra, and affirmation. Affirmation Bracelet. Crystal associated with your Goddess. Essential oil associated with your Goddess. Plus other magical surprises that is associated with your Goddess. Subscribers receive a free gift every month!

  The Goddess Box was designed to evoke the Goddess within. All woman need to allow their inner Goddess to shine.  Each Goddess teaches you how to allow her energy and vibration to work through you. With a daily 5-minute minimum practice of meditation and reciting or chanting the affirmation and mantra, you can reprogram your bodies to vibrate the loving nurturing energy of each Goddess. The crystals, candle, incense and oil help us with meditation practice and the jewelry allows you to carry the energy though the day.   

Month to Month

12 Month Prepay

If you sign up for a year subscription, you will get one Goddess box free