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Durga Goddess Empowerment Kit


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Goddess Durga - Goddess of Inner Power She comes with: Durga Goddess Card, (Message, Affirmation, and Mantra) Citrine Meditation Stone, Inner Strength Candle, Vanilla Incense Cones, Lapis with TeraHertz Bracelet, Maiden Minx Goddess Salt Soap, and Durga essential meditation oil. Divine Empowerment Goddess Kit The Goddess Empowerment Kit was designed to evoke the Goddess within. All women need to allow their inner Goddess to shine.  Each Goddess teaches you how to allow her energy and vibration to work through you. With a daily 5-minute minimum practice of meditation and reciting or chanting the affirmation and mantra, you can reprogram your body to vibrate the loving nurturing energy of each Goddess. The crystal, candle, incense, and oil help her with a meditation practice and the jewelry allows her to carry the energy through the day. 

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