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The Divine Empowerment shop is filled with all of the things you need to enhance your spiritual life. We have Goddess Empowerment Kits, Maiden Minx Mystical Goods, Hand Crafted Glass Angel wings by local artist Niki Hildebrand, and we are working on many other items.

Goddess Empowerment Kits allow you access to the divine vibrations of a Goddess. Each kit comes in its own mesh bag and includes the hand designed Goddess Picture Card with her uplifting message, daily affirmation and mantra to chant. The kit also includes an herbal meditation candle infused with essential oils designed to manifest your desires during your meditation, incense cones, a meditation crystal, a piece of jewelry to wear to help you carry the vibration around with you, Maiden Minx hand crafted and blended Goddess meditation essential oil and her signature scent Inner Goddess salt bath/shower scrub infused with Valencia Orange peel, Peppermint Leaves, and Ocean. Full description, story and instructions are always included with every kit.

Maiden Minx Mystical Goods includes: Ritual Kits & Blessing Bottles

Ritual Kits contain everything you need to perform your ritual with ease. Featuring 5 different types to choose from based on what intention you seek.

Each kit includes ritual scroll, sage smudge, shower salt, herb infused candle, 3 crystals, 3 Bay leaves, and 2 ml essential oil blend. Also includes information/how to cards.

Blessing bottles are utilized to enhance/heighten the universal energy or chi based on what its companion is seeking. Each bottle is handcrafted in a sacred and infused space utilizing a unique combination of 7-9 herbs spices and flowers specifically chosen based on its divine properties. When placed in the area or space where the intention is sought it will enhance the universal energy in that area.

We are always designing new things to enhance and inspire you on your journey. We are in the process of working on God Empowerment Kits, Angel Kits and hand-made herbal candles.

Enjoy your journey through our store.