The Nature of Skin

 Maiden Minx products are made from all-natural ingredients without any added chemicals or perfumes. Sourced, both locally and from all-natural organic companies. Each product contains essential oils that not only feel good on your skin but leave your skin smell fresh and clean.  

Show the world your most beautiful skin Experience the unique pleasure of naturally beautiful, healthy skin. Maiden Minx products nurture and hydrate your skin using botanical forces. All your skin needs to retain its natural radiance and healthy good looks.   

Maiden Minx has several different flavors to choose from including a men's fresh fragrance. More Maiden Minx products will soon be added.

Magical Gifts and Products

Maiden  Minx creates a number of different magical products to assist with your everyday life. 

Blessing Bottles to instill the energy in your home.

Ritual Kits to help you fulfill your dreams.

Herbal infused candles